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Manufacturing Execution System (MES)

As a software company, Schertech focuses on digitalising production plants. Our core product is a modular MES system tailored to the needs of companies in the series production business. Along with the digital connection of production, Schertech offers comprehensive functions for planning, quality assurance, process control, maintenance, organisation and much more.

The benefits of MES software

Full Transparency

All events in production, tool management, maintenance and quality management are visualised in real time.
— Recording of breakdowns
— Status of maintenance actions
— Quality status
— Process records
— Machine and employee productivity

Digital connection
of all machines and workstations

Now nothing gets lost anymore: all machines report their status, finished quantities and machine times in real time. Machine breakdown information is captured automatically, and process data is read and visualised by integrated sensors and machine interfaces. Just with a klick on the button the digital shift report shows all details and this also retrospectively.

Paperless Production

All specification and record documents, as well as checklists, are available in digital form at the workstation. In conjunction with planned production orders deposited documents are automatically visualised and shown at the machine:
— Setup plans
— Quality documents
— Checklists
— Downtime and breakdown records
— Maintenance plans and measures

Standardised Reporting

Role-specific reports for employees, foremen, department managers, division managers and senior management. The MES software provides all numbers, dates, facts and key figures as a basis for decisions at all levels.

Lean Management

– Visualisation of key figures
– Organisation of regular meetings
– Cascading of activities
– Visualisation of workplace safety,
Qualität, Produktivität, Logistik und Personal (SQCDP)
– Regular communication between all teams

Reduced Cost

Lower production costs

Deviations from the desired productivity and quality targets are visualised, and specific measures for cost reduction can be defined. In daily regular meetings the processing status is made transparent.

Fast Delivery

Higher adherence to delivery dates

Due to the visualisation of the panning and order progress any schedule deviations are recognised directly. Immediately initiated and follow up actions improve the on-time delivery.


Higher quality

The quality status of machines is constantly monitored using checklists and is made transparent. This allows an immediate response to quality issues. The progress is visualised in regular daily meetings. Cross departmental problems can be transferred to other levels (cascading) using the task manager.

Modern Culture

Modern production culture

The continuous support of lean management, leads to the development of a slim and efficient company culture. Employee development is constantly driven and supported. A specially dedicated module for Kaizen/KVP supports the path towards constant improvement.

Stable Process

Stable processes

Process data is visualised based on live data. Defined limit values and intervention values allow immediate response to process deviations, thereby ensuring stable processes.

Reduce Reject

Less waste

Reducing waste is the main goal of lean management. Schertech MES makes waste in the entire production process clearly visible. This allows waste to be reduced or eliminated by documented and followed-up actions.

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