Frequently asked questions

A manufacturing execution system (MES) is a software program for the digitalisation of production. It links the production machines to the activities of the employees and captures real-time data on what is happening in the entire production environment. Data such as output, faults/downtime and setup times are captured by sensors and evaluated by software. The MES system is usually connected to the ERP system, and the ERP system forwards the production schedule to the MES. Schertech’s modular software provides not only the standard functions of an MES, but also important functions for quality, planning, document management, logistics and task management. Learn more about MES here.

Schertech MES is suitable for all companies involved in series production. Extensive configuration parameters in the software enable adaptation to a wide range of production environments. Connection to all types of ERP systems is a matter of course.
The software has a modular structure. Modules such as DocVisu (document management) and TaskVisu (task management and organisation) can be used everywhere and are available individually.

Production methods for large product volumes, such as die casting, pressure casting and CNC milling, are highly suitable. The output is continuously measured by sensors on the machine, and the error rate, downtimes and setup times are documented. Automatic data capture is very precise; every downtime is captured even if it only lasts a few minutes. This relieves employees from the burden of manual documentation, avoids counting errors, and gives employees more time to focus on the output of the machine. Manual workstations can also be integrated.

Basically every ERP system can be connected; the only thing required is an interface. Preferably a contact person for the ERP system should be available, such as an IT employee or a consultant who can provide access to the system.

Data is exchanged over an interface, enabling both read and write processes. This allows, for example, reading an order or reporting back the quantity produced.

Implementation is possible within 2-3 months, our team will coordinate all activities concerning software and hardware. Ideally there is a project leader on the customer side. A contact in the IT department, who can grant access to the systems and manage permissions at the server will take care about the technical requirements.
Für die Anbindung der Maschinen wird ein Ansprechpartner benötigt der die Schalttafeln kennt (eventuell auch vom Hersteller selbst).

This can be answered quickly by a non-binding consultation with one of our employees. Please contact one of our branches.

Digitalisation intentionally changes and accelerates processes. The speed of data transmission, and the fact that many things become more transparent, also changes how people deal with this data. An unprecedented simplification of all administrative activities in production takes place, data on production processes is available in real time, and the quality of communication between employees, teams and management is radically transformed. Schertech MES is a key tool for promoting growth of the company, making it more efficient, and ensuring long-term competitiveness.