Execution System

The Modules in Detail


The Schertech Manufacturing Execution System (MES) has a modular structure and covers all aspects of manufacturing: production, planning, quality assurance, process management, tool management, maintenance, personnel, logistics, and lean management.
The MES software unites all production processes in a central system and makes this critical information available to the entire company. It visualises complex processes and relationships and provides the information necessary to make the company more productive.

Why Schertech?

Developed by production employees

Our MES system has been developed in series production plants, based on the typical needs of production operations. The software is used every day in production plants, continuously refined and constantly tested.

Easy, intuitive operation

Schertech MES is easy to use and provides a complete overview at all levels, from production line staff to senior managers. The software has a short learning curve and is supported by helpful training tools.

Lean Management

Schertech MES has been developed on the basis of lean management and digitalisation. Full transparency in production thanks to digitalisation makes lean management even simpler and more effective. Digital visualisation boards eliminate the effort needed for paper-based signboards in conventional shop floor management. Schertech MES makes digital shop floor management with paperless visualisation a reality.


Schertech MES is suitable for all companies involved in series production. Extensive configuration parameters in the software enable adaptation to a wide range of production environments. Connection to all types of ERP systems is a matter of course.

Fast implementation at reasonable cost

Low implementation effort in two to three months:
— Identification of customer requirements
— Installation of hardware and software
— connection of ERP system
— Training of employees
— Adaption of modules

Data Acquisition (DAQ) and Connectivity

How does the machine data reach the software? This is the core of our expertise. We take care about selecting, building and integrating the hardware. We are able to connect every machine and every workstation. All data is captured using sensors, signals or PLC interfaces: cycle times, downtimes and downtime reasons, setup times, rejects and quantities produced. A DAQ module automatically monitors and checks the validity of imported data. The data obtained by our DAQ module is buffered locally, allowing short network outages to be easily accommodated without any loss of data.

MES/ERP interface

Most of the data we process (master data of machines, personnel, work processes, orders, stock, etc.) comes from the ERP system. Schertech can communicate with any ERP system and provides the right interfaces for this, enabling order-related feedback to the ERP system. In the DAQ module the data is checked for plausibility and compared with the existing data in the ERP system.