The vision of the digital factory

Statement – CEO Theodor Scherer

„Schertech is more than just software.“
Theodor Scherer
Founder & CEO

All machines, tools and methods we use in our company ultimately serve to maintain competitiveness and ensure the long-term success of an enterprise. Often there are a few company decisions that lead to success or failure, but almost always the interactions, expertise and skills of the employees are decisive for establishing and maintaining success. The aim of digitalisation is to dramatically enhance the expertise, skills and agility of all employees, from machine operators to senior management. An unprecedented simplification of all administrative activities in production takes place, data on production processes is available in real time, and the quality of communication between employees, teams and management is radically transformed. The focus is on processes that actually create value, with striving to achieve waste-free production and stable processes coming to the forefront.

Visualising waste – boosting value creation

The underlying vision in the development of Schertech MES is that it is a tool for the digitalisation of production, for the creation of complete transparency, for the visualisation of waste, for the development of lean culture, and for the evolution of the entire production culture. Schertech MES is not a simple tool for data collection and evaluation, but instead makes a key contribution to the development of the company, elimination of waste, and continuously supporting the competitiveness of the company.